Karaoke Software | Download New Karaoki Public Beta Version 0.8.6321

Download Karaoki Public Beta 0.8.6321
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A new public beta version of our best karaoke software is available for download!

This public beta and free update of Karaoki includes various performance improvements stemming from an updated Audio/Video playback engine, the ability to immediately revert back to a previous ‘Last Show’ in the event of a system crash, the ability to filter out ‘No-Lyrics’ songs from search when using Karaoke Cloud Pro, a few bugs squashed and more.

We suggest all existing Karaoki KJs download and try public beta version 0.8.6321. All you need to do is download and install from the button below with your existing version of Karaoki closed (Karaoki will automatically install over top, leaving all existing data intact).

You can post issues or suggestions on the Karaoki beta testing thread on the PCDJ forums HERE.  In the event you want to roll back to a previous release, visit the Karaoki support page for the last public release.

New, Changed And Fixed In Karaoki Beta 0.8.6321

Important notes about this build:

  • By default this version of Karaoki will prompt you to either start a new show or reload the previous one upon launch. You can alter this behavior with new “Startup ‘Load Show’ Options” item in the main config menu, which provides you with 3 options:
    – ‘Always Load Last Show’
    – ‘Ask To Load Last Show’
    – ‘Always Start New Show’
  • Even if ‘Always Start New Show’ is selected and Karaoki crashes for any reason, when restarted Karaoki will ask you if you wish to reload the last show.
  • This build now included Karaoke Cloud Pro sub-cases: When clicking on the main Karaoke Cloud Pro case Karaoki will list all KCP tracks. The ‘With Lyrics’ sub-case only lists tracks with Lyrics, ‘Trivia’ only lists Trivia etc.
    No Lyrics and Trivia tracks can also be filtered out of search results; the options are ‘KCP Search Options’ menu displayed when right clicking on the Karaoke Cloud Pro case or one of its sub cases.

Karaoki Change log:

Build #0.8.6321.25040 April 22nd 2017

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in Naming Convention scanner when file name contains a period.
  • ‘Loaded track’ field displaying incorrect song data
  • Fixed Exception in ‘Track Data’ editor form.
  • Fixed exception generated then the file path for ‘Karaoke Cloud Pro’ files is broken – KJs are now informed of the error using a pop-up message.


  • The AV engine has been upgraded to a newer version; this may also help with the BGM issues some users have reported.
  • By default, when started Karaoki will ask if you wish to reload last show.
  • Added option to select “Startup ‘Load Show’ options”, the options are, ‘Always Load Last Show’, ‘Ask To Load Last Show'(Default), and ‘Always Start New Show’.
  • Karaoki now has crash recovery code that asks you if they wish to reload the previous show after a crash.
  • The KCP case now has sub folders for ‘No Lyric’ tracks, ‘Trivia’ and ‘With Lyrics’ tracks.
  • Options have been added on the library cases tree right click menu so ‘No Lyrics’ and ‘Trivia’ tracks are excluded for the search results. To access the options right click on the ‘Karaoke Cloud Pro’ case or one of it’s sub folders.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Install update with your existing Karaoki version closed. The software will automatically overwrite and update your version and keep all data intact (you will not need to re-activate the software).  If you have any issues please share them with the Karaoki user community HERE ON THE USER FORUMS

Have questions about the latest iteration of our best karaoke software solution?  Please leave them in the comments section below!