Karaoke Software | New Karaoki Beta Version Ready For Download

Our karaoke software team has been busy, rolling out new Karaoki beta updates at least twice a month.

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As always, Karaoki updates are free of charge for paid customers. KJs that started with Karaoki over 7 years ago have never paid for an upgrade — a service you won’t typically find with our competition.

We have a lot of new features and improvements planned for our karaoke show hosting software throughout this summer, so be sure to keep and eye on this blog for future updates, videos and other goodies you can tie into Karaoki.

This new public-beta version of Karaoki below is all about fine-tuning performance and existing features (ala a “maintenance release”), with a couple new additions sprinkled in. Notably the ability to “un-ban” a singer using the remote request terminal or the online songbook request system SongBookDB.


PCDJ Karaoki Build #0.8.5633.21813 June 4th 2015

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:
• Karaoki’s icon was disappearing from the taskbar on some versions of windows.
• Karaoki not displaying mp3+g graphics when playing tracks that contained Danish characters in the file name.

• When right clicking on a singers name on the singer list on the ‘Singer Data’ screen there is now an option to ban/un-ban the singer. When banned the singer is automatically removed from rotation and cannot be put back in until un-banned. The banned singers are listed in the ‘Banned Singers’ list on the Remote Connections screen, and singers can also be un-banned there. The Ban/Un-ban options are only displayed when remote connections are enabled.

• When using “User CD+G” entry in the rotation, clicking on the “Load Next Singer” button now fades BGM.
• Graphics tweaks to main screen
• When deleting a singer during a show the user is prompted to save the singers data.



2 replies
  1. Axel
    Axel says:

    Thank you guys.
    You do a great job with this program.
    I’m only using it for private purpose, but it’s the best on the market.
    Just miss 1 thing more for you to work on:
    Possibility to use a cam and show the singer on the screen as background – and recording it-

    I love these free updates.

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