Karaoke Software: New Karaoki Open-Beta Test

We’ve just dropped a new PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software beta version with a few notable changes.

If you’re interested in testing any of our public beta versions we invite you to join our user community on the PCDJ User Forum HERE

One of the most notable updates is for Karaoke Cloud Pro (professional karaoke subscription) users:  You can now play KCP tracks that have been download on a different computer provided the computer is listed on the ‘Registered computers‘ list on the KCP login screen (in Karaoki’s Options) when logged in.

However for this to work, users must log into their Karaoke Cloud Pro subscriptions once with this new beta version so Karaoki can retrieve the data for the registered computers from the server. Once a user has logged in Karaoki/KCP will then store the ‘registered computers‘ data so the files can be used when not logged in. If a new computer is registered to the customers account they will need to log back in on any other registered computers to be able to play the tracks on any of the registered PC’s.

All New Changes in PCDJ Karaoki since last published release:

  • Build #0.8.5471.31303 Dec 26th 2014
  • Fixed: Memory leak in Build #0.8.5452.25389 when using KCP.
  • Fixed: Possible exception when re-ordering singer list.
  • Change: Downloaded KCP tracks can now be played on any computer that is listed on the ‘Registered Computer’ list.