Karaoke Software | Background Music Player (Filler Music) Modes In Karaoki

karaoke software filler music player modes

A feature KJs absolutely love about our karaoke software is the ability to automatically play filler music in between singers and sets — ensuring minimal or no ‘dead air’ so the party vibe continues.

We call the filler music player in Karaoki the “Background Music Player“, and it’s equipped with three different play modes:

  1. Continuous Play: The BGM (Background Music Player) will play through your created background music case continuously. This is the default mode (but likely not the most widely used mode) in Karaoki. In this mode the BGM player will continue to play down the list in order, even when the karaoke deck starts. The BGM audio will fade out automatically when the main karaoke deck player starts — but the BGM player will continue to play with the volume down. When the karaoke deck player stops, either manually or when the karaoke song ends, the BGM fades back in. The BGM will play live to the audience whatever song is playing at that time, and at any point in the song.
  2. Auto-Pause: When using this mode, the BGM player will first fade-out then pause the track currently playing when the karaoke deck player starts. When the karaoke deck is stopped the BGM player will simply start the track from the paused location, picking up right where it left off.
  3. Auto-Pause And Load Next Track: It’s fare to assume this mode is the most popular with Karaoki users. Just like the auto-pause option, the BGM player will fade out and then pause the track currently playing when the karaoke player starts. However, unlike the Auto-Pause (only) option when the BGM player kicks back in it will start playing a new track, every time. That way, a new song (from the beginning) will play each time the BGM player fades back in.

We cover in detail how to access and use the three Background Music Player modes in the Karaoki tutorial video below.

Watch “Karaoki Background Music Player Modes”