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Each month we plan to highlight one PCDJ DJ Software user and one Karaoke Software user, and their business|

_DSC1839Meet Brad Junell, owner and entertainment expert at Raleigh Event DJ, located in Central North Carolina.  Brad’s DJ company is just one part of a larger family owned and operated entertainment and events company, CoordEgy Events, that provides Mobile DJ, Catering, and Photography services. In answer to increasing client requests for Karaoke, Brad turned to PCDJ Karaoki and the Karaoke Cloud Pro service and has had great results for the last two years by helping clients kick it up a notch.


PCDJ: Why did you choose PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software for your Karaoke business?

BRAD: Although a lot of our business comes from serving the wedding market, Raleigh Event DJ was regularly getting requests for Karaoke events that we had to turn away. When I learned about Karaoke Cloud I was intrigued and excited. A subscription, cloud-sourced, service meant we’d have access to great legal content, without having to initially invest a small fortune into a media catalog – not to mention, I could now to tell prospective clients “YES.” In and around the same time, a catering friend of mine opened a new restaurant and asked if Raleigh Event DJ provided Karaoke, and if so, could we commit to helping him with entertaining customers on Wednesday nights?

It was an easy choice for us.

    • We were already PCDJ users so we had confidence in the PCDJ Karaoki software.
    • The price was reasonable and affordable and allowed us to “get in” easily and quickly.
    • The media catalog was very comprehensive and is routinely updated with new titles.
    • We already had a regular client lined up right out of the gate.
    • But best of all, we were meeting the needs of what our customers were wanting.

PCDJ: What tip would you give to other Pro KJs?

BRAD:  Advice for other KJs? Make it fun, keep it clean, but most of all . . . work it legal!  The temptation to take unnecessary shortcuts to make a quick easy buck is _DSC8822 (1)eliminated with the advent of services like Karaoke Cloud Pro. It pays to keep it legal. Believe me the music industry is not sitting idly by ignoring pirate music. Case in point: Not long after my friend’s new restaurant started offering our Karaoke services, their ASCAP license manager contacted them to increase their license fees upon learning of these newly added services (from online and social media promotions ).  What was merely an easily correctable oversight, resolved with a simple license update and minimal fee increase, could have turned significantly more complicated and costly had we not been using legal music in his venue – for both of us. Genuinely serving your customers’ wants and needs before your own are the key factors that ultimately drive your success.

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