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Make Signing up for the Karaoke Singer Request (KSR) System Easier with this QR Code


LYRX, our top karaoke software solution, and DEX 3, our “do-it-all” DJ and karaoke program, recently received support for the KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) web application.

Free for DEX 3 and LYRX customers, the KSR web app allows karaoke hosts to easily share their karaoke songbook online. Singers visit ksr.pcdj.com from their mobile device, type in the hosts venue ID, and they can then browse, search, and request songs that pop-up directly in the LYRX/DEX 3 rotation list (the karaoke host simply clicks “accept” or “decline”). Singers can even store their own favorites within the KSR web-app for easier requests later.

DEX 3 KSR Online Songbook

While KSR simplifies the process greatly, sometimes onboarding singers can be a task. If they’re used to the archaic method of scanning through a 150+ paper songbook and making verbal requests, getting them to use their mobile for requesting songs can be a choir.

One item that hosts already successfully implementing the KSR web app at their shows have found that can help with onboarding is providing a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile phone camera, taking them directly to the ksr.pcdj.com web app. The singer only needs to input your unique venue ID to login and view your online songbook.

Download the QR Code below and print it out large and fix it to your booth (or provide one-sheets for each table as other KJs have).

A longtime DEX 3 customer and karaoke host, Sheryl Tupa, uses the following expanded graphic for her karaoke shows. A great concept of how you can present the QR code at your own events.



Have questions about the KSR (karaoke singer request) system? Please leave them in the comments section below!