Karaoke Music Subscription | This Weeks 20 New Karaoke Hits Are ‘Hands Down’ Fabulous 2-2-17

Karaoke Subscription Update 2-2-17

I’m Sprung‘ — This weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro 20 karaoke song update is “Hands Down” ludicrous!

You can tell your karaoke singers to “Have A Little Faith In Me” and that “Good Times” are ahead – I bring the karaoke hits each week whether you’re an “American Girl” or if your “Daddy Sang Bass“.  “I Bet My Life” they’ll have their “Hands Open” ready for you to toss them the mic!

It’s You” plus Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro that will keep your singers engaged with new karaoke music each-and-every week. You have “Ignition” with world’s greatest karaoke software and karaoke subscription service for commercial use!

Free Bonus Content: 20 Karaoke Music Trivia questions have also been added this week — great filler material when the singing gets slow!

To learn more about Karaoke Cloud Pro and how it works directly inside of PCDJ Karaoki please CLICK HERE

Here’s This Weeks 20 Song Karaoke Cloud Pro Update (2-2-17)

Hands Down Dashboard Confessional
Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer Kenny Rogers And Kim Carnes
Coming Undone Korn
Have A Little Faith In Me Mandy Moore
Hands Open Snow Patrol
For Sentimental Reasons Nat King Cole
Grandma’s Hands Bill Withers
Daddy Sang Bass Statler Brothers
E.I. (Clean) Nelly
I Bet My Life Imagine Dragons
I’m Sprung T-Pain
Ignition R. Kelly
It’s You Kem
Lightning Crashes Live
Shots Imagine Dragons
Good Times Edie Brickell
Blue Eyes Elton John
Sleeping With The One I Love Fantasia
Blame It On The Rain Milli Vanilli
American Girl Tom Petty



How to Batch-Download All Available Karaoke Cloud Pro Songs With Karaoki

2 replies
  1. Steve Canfield
    Steve Canfield says:

    are the downloaded/retrieved karaoke tracks still available and usable after karaoke cloud subscription ends?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Steve, Karaoke Cloud Pro is a commercially viable karaoke music subscription service. It’s a rental. You are simply renting access to the library (commercially legal access to be clear). You get 20 additional tracks each week. If you stop paying, the files will stop working. It’s just like any of the popular subscription/streaming services out there in this regard, such as Pulselocker or consumer music subscription platforms like Spotify.

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