Karaoke Music Subscription | Download These 20 Hit Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoke Cloud Pro (1-26-17)

Download 20 Karaoke Hits With Karaoke Cloud Pro 1-26-17

Ch-Check It Out‘! As ‘Always‘, Digitrax Entertainment just dropped another 20 hit karaoke songs into Karaoke Cloud Pro – the professional karaoke hosts choice karaoke music subscription!

As a modern day KJ you’re truly ‘Blessed‘ as the ‘Amazing‘ Karaoke Cloud Pro service is ‘Here To Stay‘ with 20 new karaoke songs available for download every week. ‘Electricity’ will be in the air as you fire up PCDJ Karaoki and hand out your updated karaoke song book like Oprah — ‘A Song For You’, a song for you, a song for you…

No matter how many ‘Days Of The Week‘ you host karaoke your singers won’t be ‘Hating‘ as you’ll have the freshest karaoke library around!

Karaoke Cloud Pro is a commercially legal karaoke music subscription for use in Karaoki. Designed for karaoke hosts and karaoke venues alike, it’s the ultimate karaoke software + karaoke music bundle. LEARN MORE ABOUT KARAOKE MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION

Download These 20 Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoke Cloud Pro

C18826 Evil Ways Santana
C18828 Blessed Elton John
C18829 Hold Me Now Thompson Twins
C18830 Doctor! Doctor! Thompson Twins
C18850 Alone I Break Korn
C18851 Here To Stay Korn
C18852 Hating Korn
C18855 Fairytale Of New York The Pogues/Kristy Maccoll
C18856 Electricity Elton John
C18857 Casey Jones Grateful Dead
C18858 Ch-Check It Out Beastie Boys
C18862 Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit Jimmy Buffett
C18921 Amazing Seal
C18922 A Song For You Leon Russell
C18924 Days Of The Week Stone Temple Pilots
C18932 A River For Him Linda Ronstadt
C18933 Dreamer Supertramp
C18935 Give A Little Bit Supertramp
C18937 Always Saliva
C18938 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Will Smith



Getting Started With Karaoke Cloud Pro And Karaoki

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