Karaoke File Name Fixer Pro Tip | Filtering

karaoke file name fixer filtering

In order to take full advantage of large-scale replacements and tag defining, you need to first filter your file list in KFNF (Karaoke File Name Fixer) so it shows only the files whose filenames are structured the same in some specific way.

Karaoke files from a particular Karaoke source (such as Party Tyme) might follow a specific naming convention for all their files, but another source (such as Karaoke Cloud) might use a different one. In cases like this, you would want to filter so that your list only includes files from one source. Sometimes as a KJ you will have separate folders for song files based on when/where you got them. If all the file names in a particular folder are structured the same, you might want to filter your file list to show only a particular folder. Once you’ve created a filter so all the files in the list have the same structure, you can define the entire list as a batch with just a few mouse clicks. This is KFNF’s superpower!  

Click the button below to review the white sheet (PDF) on “Filtering” properly with Karaoke File Name Fixer — you’ll reach level expert when you’re through. 👨🏽‍🎓 Learn more about Karaoke File Name Fixer


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