New This Week in Karaoke Cloud Pro | We Found The Sweet Spot

“Wish you could be my honey, You make me sang sang”

How sweet it is to be able to head-out and host karaoke with 8000 high-quality karaoke tunes from the best brands, and be 100% legal?   Just ask one of our existing Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers!

It’s been 3 years running and Karaoke Cloud Pro has a proven track record as the professional karaoke subscription of choice for KJ all over the globe.   It’s road-tested, and singer approved. You just need Karaoki (karaoke software) and you can sign up for the service HERE, gaining immediate access to the KCP catalog of music.

We’ll also send you a Karaoke Cloud Pro certificate that you can provide to your clients as proof you’re doing things the legal, right way!

New Karaoke Tunes This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro | The Professional Karaoke Subscription

We found the sweet spot.

And it’s easy to get there from here. Just click on the link and sign up now to make your singers candy-coated karaoke dreams come true: Karaoke Cloud Pro.

Download these tasty treasures now with Karaoki And Karaoke Cloud Pro:


Title ITSO
Darling I’m A Mess Sabrina Carpenter
Enduring Love Yannick Bovy
Hunger Of Monsters And Men
Love 3X ZZ Ward
Suga Mama Fifth Harmony


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