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“I got a really big team
        They need some really big rings
                They need some really nice things”
Drake & Future – Big Rings

Drake & Future already know, Karaoke Cloud Pro has “some really nice things” for your singers this week! Fresh hip hop and pop karaoke tracks are now available for download.

These new hits in pop and hip hop available with the best karaoke subscription for professional karaoke hosts and include top requests from Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers.

Remember when you had to buy those round plastic, glorified coasters and painstakingly convert and name each-and-every track to use in your karaoke software?  To borrow from Meghan Trainor – “It’s good to be alive (today)”!

Download These Hip Hop & Pop Tracks With Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro

 Title   ITSO
 Big Rings Drake & Future
 Church In These Streets Young Jeezy
 Good To Be Alive Meghan Trainor
 No Role Modelz J. Cole
 Where Ya At Future ftg. Drake

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