This Weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro Update Is Just Like Coming Home

Last week the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service saw its largest track list update to date, with a minimum of 2700 hit tracks added, but that doesn’t mean the weekly releases are going to slow or stop!

Now with over 9500 high-quality tracks from Karaoke Cloud (FKA Chartbuster), Stage Stars, SBI, Sunfly, DK and Mr Entertainer — Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro combine to make the most complete karaoke software plus karaoke music package available today. 


Download These New Karaoke Tracks With Karaoki And Karaoke Cloud Pro

For your singers it’s just like coming home…

A place where they can relax and be their-selves, enjoy some stage time and sing these latest releases – they’re all ready for download right now in Karaoke Cloud Pro.

And don’t forget – If you don’t already own Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro call in for bundle pricing: 877-999-7235

Rock solid:

Title ITSO
Renegades X Ambassadors
Omen Disclosure ftg. Sam Smith
Skipping Stone Claire Guerreso
Coming Home Leon Bridges
Drag Me Down One Direction



Why The Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription?

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  1. Vicky Emerson
    Vicky Emerson says:

    I only had like 10 new songs that showed up to download. Is there a reason I wouldn’t have the full 2700?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Vicky, did you make sure to log into the subscription and then click UPDATE CASE NOW to ensure the latest catalog file is displayed?

      The 9500 tracks have been there for about 2 weeks already, so it could be that you’ve already downloaded them. What’s your total song count? (When you mouse over the name “Karaoke Cloud Pro” under the subscriptions tab on the left side of the browser – in the status window at the bottom of Karaoki you will see the song count). It should show over 9500 songs.

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