Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription | Another 20 Karaoke Hits Available Now That’ll Keep Them Singing!

Download 20 hit karaoke songs now with Karaoke Cloud Pro 2-9-17

This week’s 20 Karaoke Cloud Pro releases will have your singers screaming ‘Gimme Dat Ding‘ as they reach for the mic!

Guess What‘? This isn’t ‘Hit Or Miss‘, just like clockwork you get 20 new karaoke songs each-and-every-week with a Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription. ‘Girls Who Play Guitar‘ are ‘Hard To Handle‘ but those who sing will always ‘Have A Nice Day‘ when you bring a fresh karaoke selection on the regular!

With these 20 karaoke hits you will take your singers to a ‘Higher Ground‘.  They won’t being ‘Going Missing‘ anytime soon as you’ve the karaoke host with the most with a fresh selection of the highest quality karaoke music!  Now isn’t that a ‘Happy Ending‘?

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Download These Karaoke Hits With Karaoke Cloud Pro Now

TrackID Title ITSO
C18956 I Was Made For Lovin’ You Kiss
C18961 Lovefool Cardigans, The
C18967 Gimme Dat Ding The Pipkins
C18964 Forget Him Bobby Rydell
C18969 Girls Who Play Guitar Maximo Park
C18970 Give Me Just A Little More Time Kylie Minogue
C18972 Going Missing Maximo Park
C18973 Guess What Syleena Johnson
C18974 Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) Crystal Waters
C18975 Handle Me Robyn
C18976 Happy Ending Mika
C18977 Hard To Handle Otis Redding
C18978 Have A Nice Day Stereophonics
C18979 Higher Ground Ub40
C18980 Hit Or Miss New Found Glory
C18981 Hole Hearted Extreme
C18982 Honky Cat Elton John
C18984 How Bizarre Omc
C18985 How Do You Keep The Music Playing Frank Sinatra
C18987 I Am But A Small Voice Roger Whittaker




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