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50 new karaoke songs for download 9-1-17

All the feels.

They come to your show because you make them feel. Good, bad, lonely, ecstatic, justified, validated, perfect, energized – your singers want to feel the music flow through them, anointed by the magic of music.

That’s why Karaoke Cloud Pro dials the karaoke up to eleven with 50 additional karaoke song weekly… and then gets out of the way. Just so there’s nothing between your singers and feeling the way they want.

It’s never been easier to give Karaoke Cloud Pro a spin. Karaoke Cloud Pro is built right into PCDJ Karaoki and a subscription is only $49.99-a-month after a 14-day no-commitment free trial.

Bang the button below to learn more about the commercially legal Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service.

Download These 50 Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro

C18750 An Innocent Man Billy Joel
C19531 All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) Joe
C19535 High Lighthouse Family, The
C19536 Ameno Era
C19537 Seven Lonely Days Patsy Cline
C19539 Barracuda (Acoustic Live) Heart
C19540 Let’s Live For Today Grass Roots, The
C19541 Don’t Cry Out Loud Melissa Manchester
C19543 Tide Is High, The Billie Piper
C19544 Pretend Alvin Stardust
C19545 Everything You Do M2M
C19546 Tide Is High, The Atomic Kitten
C19547 Chocolate Snow Patrol
C19548 Head Like A Hole (Acoustic Goth) Nine Inch Nails
C19549 Apply Some Pressure Maximo Park
C19550 I Am Changing From Dreamgirls
C19551 Christmas Island Jimmy Buffett
C19553 Do The Strand Roxy Music
C19554 Everything Is Average Nowadays Kaiser Chiefs
C19555 Bank Holiday Monday Stereophonics
C19556 Books From Boxes Maximo Park
C19562 5 Years Time (Five Years Time) Noah and the Whale
C19564 Dakota (You Make Me Feel Like The One) Stereophonics
C19566 Do You Want To Franz Ferdinand
C19567 Big Girl (You’re Beautiful) Mika
C19568 Don’t Stop Fleetwood Mac
C19569 Crazy Baby Joan Osborne



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