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Karaoke Cloud Pro valentines releases

Karaoke Cloud Pro guarantees your singers won’t be lonely this Valentine’s Day!

Let them belt out these karaoke hits at the top of their lungs, because you never know when a beautiful stranger may be listening. These country hits are now available with worlds greatest professional karaoke subscription and are the perfect way for your singers to cut through the seasonal blues or celebrate with a loved one.

If you’re not already a Karaoke Cloud Pro subscriber — all you need is a copy of our best karaoke software for pro KJs and Karaoke venues, PCDJ Karaoki, and to subscribe now for only $99-a-month.  You get a karaoke library of 5,800 songs right now with a minimum of 5 additional releases each-and-every week.  Since you download the karaoke hits to your local hard drive you don’t need internet to host your karaoke night.


Download These Karaoke Hits With Karaoki And A Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription
Karaoke Subscription Update February 2016
Title  ITSO
Beautiful Stranger  Toby Keith
Drunk On Your Love Brett Eldredge
I Don’t Do Lonely Well Chuck Wicks
Snapback  Old Dominion
Yup Easton Corbin

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