Karaoke Subscription | It’s All About You This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

New Karaoke Music in Karaoke Cloud Pro April 2016

It’s all about you.  

Your skills, your style, your karaoke show. The new tracks on Karaoke Cloud Pro are here to keep your karaoke library up-to-date and your singers satisfied. We’ve got the tracks to keep them singing and the party going. Bust out the mic, Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro and let them act out their rock-star fantasies!

Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro is the best karaoke software and subscription combo available to pro KJs globally. You get a library of over 5,800 popular titles now with a minimum of 5 tracks added each-and-every week. Focus on running a seamless professional karaoke show and we’ll take care of the rest!

Download These Karaoke Tunes Today With Karaoki & Karaoke Cloud Pro

Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription update 4-7-16


My Church Maren Morris
One Strike All Saints
Roses The Chainsmokers ftg. Rozes 
Something In The Way You Move Ellie Goulding

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