karaoke at a wedding

A seemingly new fad is finding it’s way into white-clad event halls across the USA — karaoke at a wedding.

DEX 3 DJs have apparently witnessed an uptick in requests for their karaoke packages in recent months (many are opting to use the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription 48-hour pass for one-off events).

Our friend Xavier Gomez is one such user. He posted the response below on a karaoke user group after a DJ proposed the following question “Who has experience with karaoke at a wedding? I’ve done karaoke. I’ve done weddings. But I’ve never done both at once. Idk what to charge or how to structure an evening. Help?”:

karaoke at a wedding

Another user group member chimed in with “To me, it’s a lot of fun. More people involved, the better. Makes it more interesting with a combo of DJ music on the side. We definitely have done it before. Definitely makes you more versatile and marketable for other weddings and events. :)”

As for when karaoke should go live during the wedding reception, DJs had varied responses. Some felt it was a party starter, and should be performed prior to DJing. Others (strongly) suggested that late in the evening, after guests were largely infused with ‘liquid courage’, was the best time for a little karaoke.

hosting karaoke with DEX 3 karaoke player

All wedding DJs seem to agreed on is that there’s more interest in karaoke at a wedding than ever before — and more importantly — they are offering karaoke as an upsell package and subsequently generating more revenue for their business. DJs are also reporting referrals specifically because they are offering karaoke packages in their market where other DJs aren’t.

There’s a flip side. Some DJs seem to vehemently oppose hosting karaoke at a wedding altogether. Our take is that if they request it, offer it, and make more money doing it.

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Are you hosting karaoke at a wedding?  Have any tips for other users? Please leave them in the comments section below!