June 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: Eclectic Pack

June 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: Eclectic Pack

Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription from Digitrax Entertainment (formally Chartbuster Karaoke).   The subscription service is unique, and a licensed subscriber can use the subscription for public performance — it’s 100% legal for commercial use.

PCDJ Karaoki, our best karaoke software designed for KJs that demand the best singer rotation management, has Karaoke Cloud Pro integrated.   A user signs in through PCDJ Karaoki and has immediate access to around 10,000 high-quality karaoke songs from some of the best brands in the business.   These include:  Digitrax (Formally Chartbuster), DK, Sunfly, SBI and Stage Stars.   New tunes are added all the time at no additional charge for subscribers, and since you download the files to your local hard drive you only have to sync with the online server once a month to verify you’re still paying.  This means you can use PCDJ Karaoki with the Karaoke Cloud Pro service offline, without an internet connection.    Recently, the terms of service have been updated so that users can start or stop the service as they deem necessary, so there is no longer a 12 month contract!


unnamedHere’s what’s included in June’s (2014) Karaoke Cloud Pro update: 

Summer Is Here!

Things are heating up as summer takes hold and we’re gladly adding to the rising temps with our first release for the month of June!

Work up a sweat with some of the hottest tracks from the past and present, like “Things We Do For Love,” “Put The Gun Down,” “Til The Casket Drops,” “Sit Down I Think I Love You,” “Born To Wander,” “Go Down Gamblin‘,” “Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley,” “Move It On Over,” “If You Want My Love,” and “Easy Come Easy Go.”

These scorching tracks have been masterfully recorded in the styles of 10cc, ZZ Ward, Buffalo Springfield, Rare Earth, Blood Sweat & Tears, Robert Palmer, George Thorogood, Cheap Trick, and Winger. All are available today in the Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription!

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