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  • Text pictures & messages to the screen
  • Social media wall
  • Advertise yourself or sponsors
  • Book more weddings, corporate, and club gigs
  • Works with DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and Karaoki
  • Plans start at only $19.99-a-month

See what your audience will see

  • Rotates audience messages with your ads
  • Display full screen or banner overlay
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Plans start at $19.99

“I used JammText recently while DJing a wedding. The bride and groom loved it. Their friends and family sent over 70 pictures! I was able to give the couple all the pictures at the end of the wedding on a flash drive.”

“JammText was a huge hit at our last gig. The night started slow, but JammText broke the ice. So many pictures were being posted that it drew everyone closer to the screen and straight to the dance floor. The owner of the venue liked it so much, I was able to book more gigs.”

“My audience now has another platform to request songs. They can text pictures which can then be posted on social media as well. It’s a game changer!”

“I used JammText at a prom and the response was GREAT! We got over 150 pictures. Even the teachers were sharing pics on screen. The school wants me back for next year. JammText took my mobile business to the next level.”

“Using JammText really got my crowd engaged. I got over 300 messages in one night, mostly picture texts! JammText gives me another way to connect with my audience.”

“We used the JammText social media wall at our yearly radio station concert. The audience loved seeing their pictures on screen, and it helped promote our station on Twitter and Instagram.”

JammText helps you build your business

Although JammText is not exclusively a DJ software product, there are some key ways that JammText helps DJs build their business. Here’s how JammText can help you.

Build a following

JammText Audience Interaction

JammText compiles contact info of everyone who sends a message. Thank them for coming and let them know of upcoming events. Run ads as part of your JammText montage and promote upcoming events and your brand.

Book more weddings

JammText At WeddingsOffer the bride and groom JammText in your package. Show pictures all night long, not just in a brief slideshow. As guests post on social media, their pictures are automatically shared on screen. Export all pictures to give the couple instant gratification at the end of their special day.

Connect with the audience

Connect With The Audience Using JammText

Take song requests by text. Reply back to let them know you’re listening. Patrons love knowing the DJ is personally messaging them. JammText gives you another way to read the crowd and keep the party going.

Texting bigger than social media

social media with JammText

Our customers get up to 10 times as many text messages as social media. Don’t miss out by using social media wall software that doesn’t do SMS/MMS. Use JammText to get both texting and social media!

Transition to video DJing

Show JammText When not mixing videos

Mixing videos with DEX 3 and don’t have a video for every song? No problem. JammText’s proprietary video detection automatically switches between full screen and banner overlay so your screen always looks professional.

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