JammText Special Offer | Use With DEX 3 To Display Text Messages, Pictures and More On Screen

We’ve Tested JammText from MixCity with DEX 3 and the PCDJ Team approves – this is one awesome bit of interactive software to use while mixing videos (or audio) with DEX 3! 

Use the promo code below to start a FULL MONTH of Jammtext subscription service: Allow guests and patrons to send text messages, images and more to display on screen in real-time.

12 JammText Features Every DJ Should Know

Use JammText interactive software to liven your events

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Guests share pictures and messages on screen

Use the same hashtag as the wedding (e.g. “#JackAndDiane”). As guests hashtag on social media or send by MMS, JammText will display these pictures on screen.


Skinny Jimmy

Case Study: DJ Skinny Jimmy

“I used JammText recently while DJing a wedding. The bride and groom loved it. Their friends and family sent over 70 pictures! I was able to give the couple all the pictures at the end of the wedding on a flash drive.”

– Skinny Jimmy
Union, NJ


Give bride and groom instant gratification

After the reception, give the bride and groom the pictures collected. No waiting for a photographer. Offer the couple the instant gratification that they want.

Use in conjunction with photo booths

Many photobooths now share pictures on Instagram automatically. Use the same hashtag and show photobooth pictures as they are taken.

Great for concerts, sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, conferences, bars, nightclubs, and more!

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Promo code PCDJ2016 is good for one free month of either the JammText Base plan or the JammText Pro plan. Subsequent months are billed at the regular rate.