JammText | Attend The FREE Live Demo Session and Q&A On Facebook Thursday October 27th At 8PM EST

JammText Live Demonstration

Learn how you can grow your mobile entertainment business using JammText interactive software.

The creators of JammText will be holding a live demo session and Q&A on Thursday October 27 at 8pm Eastern. Tune in on Facebook live either on either the Mobile Beat or Mixcity Inc Facebook page (http://facebook.com/MixcityInc).

JammText is a text-to-screen and social media wall software that your audience can use to interact. Use it at a wedding: guests and relatives can share pictures and well wishes, and their messages and pictures get shown on screen at the event. Show a social media feed at corporate events. Or use JammText to run advertisements promoting your brand. JammText is designed to enhance your mobile events.

JammText works either as a standalone or with popular DJ software and karaoke programs, including PCDJ DEX 3, PCDJ DEX 3 RE and PCDJ Karaoki.

In this demo session, you will learn what this unique and original software does and how you can use it to make more money. JammText can help you book more gigs and enhance your overall presentation to clients. Find out more on the 27th – RSVP using the button above

JammText Is Fun, Interactive Software For All Types of DJs, VJs and KJs


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