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JammText v1.2 Now Available

Last week MixCity Inc announced the release of JammText v1.2, the latest version of their interactive text-to-screen (and so much more) software for DJs and venues.

JammText version 1.2 includes a revamped display (GUI) with more customization options and better performance. DJs can now change the background and color scheme, as well as add transparency to the text boxes. MixCity Inc, the JammText creators, have also included a new “light” theme that displays messages in white text boxes for use in outdoor or other bright settings. These new options allow DJs to customize JammText with a background picture of the bride and groom, their logo, or any other image. Match the color scheme of the wedding or holidays such as St Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

JammText v1.2 includes several other new features:

A new events page shows past event pictures and messages. DJs can export individual pictures from events or the entire event with a couple of clicks. As in previous version, JammText v1.2 includes a convenient HTML output so DJs can upload the pictures directly to their website. DJs can also export pictures directly from the message feed by right-clicking on the picture.

Two new buttons have  been added to the control window:

  • The first button allows DJs to conveniently reply back to messages. Click the button to go instantly to the contacts page and view the contact that sent the DJ a message. Enter a message to reply instantly.
  • The second button toggles the display. DJs can use this to turn off the JammText output temporarily and turn it back on. DJs can also customize this button to control karaoke mode instead. This allows karaoke DJs to switch back and forth between karaoke mode and regular JammText, so the DJ/KJ can easily run JammText full screen with pictures when people are not singing.

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