It’s All About The Karaoke Singer Rotation List

PCDJ Karaoki just turned 7, our longest running karaoke software title in company history.

Released late 2007 as an upgrade replacement for previous PCDJ KJ Pro application it quickly became one of our most well received entertainment applications ever. Innovative features such as an automated background music player (buffer music), key control and key lock, and singer/song history headlined what was unique about the first edition of PCDJ Karaoki vs other comparable products in the marketplace. We've steadily released free updates ever since, averaging 6-7 new releases each year. 

Was every Karaoki customer totally satisfied with the feature set? No, especially one item particularly…

Fast forward to today. Over the course of the this past summer many PCDJ Karaoki users requested a more simplified rotation list – one that will automatically rotate the singers and songs more efficiently. Customers not only wanted the already offered ability to stack songs for each singer, but for the rotation list to move the singer to the bottom of the list and display their next song in their singers queue automatically. I'll admit, as simple and logical as this karaoke software feature is, we struggled in understanding both the importance to the seasoned KJ's and the specifics of how this would work.

I think we've done it. The new version of PCDJ Karaoki will be made available in the next couple of weeks to the public, and new in this update is our upgraded "fixed rotation mode", among some other very welcomed features.

Here's a quick video demonstration of the basics of the new Fixed Rotation Mode:

Here's a more indepth description on the operation of the new rotation (Fixed Mode):

The Basics:

Tracks are dragged and dropped onto the Rotation list (as they have always been) , this will display the ‘Add or Select Singer’ window where a singer is selected or added, the song is added to the singers ‘Singer Data’ list on the ‘Singer Data’ screen. Double clicking on the singers name on the rotation list will display the ‘Singer Data’ screen and will automatically select and load the singer’s data.

The ‘Singer Data’ screen:

The ‘Singer Data’ screen now has 3 main areas, to the left there is a list of all the current singers, clicking on the singers name will load the singer’s data into the screen.

The area to the top right of the list of singers contains data fields that can be used to store personal data for the singer, including Phone number, Email, Venue and comments (as per previous builds).

The area below the Personal Data fields is the singer’s song list, when a song is added (dragged) to the rotation list on the main screen it is added to this list, and the check box in the ‘In Rotation’ column for the song is checked. The first checked track in the list is the track that is displayed on the rotation list on the main screen. Once a song is loaded via the ‘Load Next Singer’ button and played, the song is then unchecked and the next checked track in the song list is loaded into the end of the rotation list.

The Buttons along the bottom of the ‘Singer Data’ screen:

New…. adds a new singer. 
DEL….. deletes a singer.
Edit….. Edits a singer’s name.
In Rotation….. Determines if a singer is ‘In Rotation’, i.e. displayed on the rotation list
On Break….. When set the singer is shown in rotation as ‘On Break’ and will be skipped if it’s their turn.
Clear….. Clears all songs for the selected singer.
Edit Song….. Edits the songs artist and title field on the list.
Del Song….. Removes the selected song from the list
Load….. Loads the selected song directly into the player.
Key+ & Key-….. Pre-sets the key of the selected song.

‘New Show’, ‘Save Show As..’ and ‘Load Show’:

The above options are on the Main screens ‘Rotation lists’ right click menu.

‘New Show’:

At the beginning of a new session a ‘New Show’ can be created using the ‘New Show’ option, When clicked you will be prompted to ‘Start A New Show’, if ‘Yes’ is clicked you will be prompted to ‘Clear Any Previous Show History’ and then ‘Name The Show’, If you name the show you can reload it at a later date, i.e. use the venue name for regular gigs that tend to have the same singers singing the same songs, at the end of the gig Karaoki will prompt you to save the show.

‘Save Show As’:

This option allows you save the current show either using a new name or using the existing name.

‘Load Show’:

This option allows you to load a previously saved show.

We'll annouce the update soon; pro KJ's are going to love the new rotation list mode!

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