DJ DEX iPad DJ App Pro Tip | Turn on Automatic Downloads in iTunes!

DJ DEX DJ mixing app for iPad
DJ DEX app for the iPad

DJ DEX ($4.99 in Apple App Store) is the latest addition to the PCDJ family of products. Designed for your iPad, with DJ DEX you can mix and remix music from your iTunes library with unrivaled precision. The iPad DJ app is robust enough, with all the key features founds in top DJ mixing software, to perform live events with – either as a backup or as your main DJ setup.

Mixing Music from iTunes

While DJ DEX allows you to access and mix music from your iTunes library, your tracks have to be downloaded locally to the iPad hard drive for performance purposes. You cannot mix iTunes music stored in the cloud or songs provided with an Apple Music subscription (although support for the Apple Music subscription is not out of the question for a future DJ DEX update).

iPad DJ app DJ DEX

By default, iTunes disables automatic downloads. This means all tracks synced across your Apple devices will be stored in the cloud by default. Downloading individual tracks from the iPad “Music” app is cumbersome, to say the least.  Thankfully, there’s an iTunes setting that will enable automatic downloads on your iPad so all your iTunes music is accessible and mixable with DJ DEX.


Click the button below to view Apple’s guide for turning on automatic music downloads in iTunes. 


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