iPad DJ App | DJ DEX Update Now Available in App Store

iPad DJ app

A new update for DJ DEX, the iPad DJ app, is available in the App Store. 

The recently released and totally redesigned DJ DEX app for iPad has just received an update that includes multi-touch support for all features. This means you can apply effects using the X/Y pad while simultaneously making other adjustments, such as swiping the crossfader. This will allow DJs more finite control over how they mix music with DJ DEX.

We’ve also lifted the hood and did a little tinkering to optimize existing features for even tighter overall performance. DJ DEX is an adept iPad DJ mixing application that you can confidently use as your primary backup or as your main rig of live performance at your events.

DJ DEX app Pro Tip:  DJ DEX supports iPad supported multi-channel USB audio interfaces. What this means for DJs is by using one, you have the added benefit of headphone pre-fade listening (cuing). Use either a multi-channel audio interface (such as this one) or a class-compliant iPad-supported DJ controller for both headphone cuing support and tactile control over all DJ DEX features.

A few class-compliant DJ controllers DJ DEX supports

Important Note:  You may need to use the iPad camera kit to connect a controller. In the event the DJ controller uses significant power you may need to use a powered USB hub.

  • DDJ-SB3 from Pioneer DJ
  • WeGO4 from Pioneer DJ
  • DDJ-WeGO3 from Pioneer DJ
  • Universal DJ Controller from Hercules DJ
  • Beatpad 2 from Reloop
  • MIXON 4 from Reloop
  • DJ2Go from Numark
  • DJ2Go2 from Numark
  • Mixdeck Quad from Numark


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