Introduction To PCDJ DEX 3 – Quick Start Video

DEX 2 DJ Software

DEX 2 DJ / VJ Software

The official release of our all-new redesigned DEX 3 will be launched publicly very soon.

It’s also a good idea to start preparing your gig computer for DEX 3; here’s are our DJ system optimization recommendations.   If you haven’t already purchased a DJ computer for DEX 3 and you plan to mix music videos, here’s our guide to picking the right machine for the job.   Since the redesigned browser supports album art, take a look at one of the batch tagging/editing apps such as Media Monkey to apply album art to your audio and video files.

If you’re already a PCDJ DEX 2 user, DEX 3 will install completely separately, which means you can have both DEX 2 and DEX 3 on the same machine as you learn the in’s and out’s of our most complete DJ and VJ solution yet.

Since DEX 3 is been redesigned from the core out, and includes a brand new browser, video mixing engine and graphics engine, there is quite a bit of new functionality and navigation to learn.   We have recorded the “Introduction To DEX 3″ video below to help you understand the basics of DEX 3 so you can get into the mix right away.  In many ways, we’ve simplified some of the functionality, especially when importing music (using favorite folders).

The key quick-start items we touch on are the GUI/Skin selection, the basics of using the browser and new sidelist/waitlist, what all the settings mean and sound card selection as well as how you connect your DJ controller.   Keep checking our blog and YouTube Channel as we’ll be releasing a series of new DEX 3 tutorial videos digging deeper into each area of the application.

Watch Introduction To PCDJ DEX 3