Introduction to Digital DJing And DJ Software

Yes, DJ software has been at the forefront of DJ technology for more than a decade now, but our PCDJ product specialists receive calls from DJs all the time that are just now looking to make the jump from traditional DJ equipment (can we even call CD decks or turntables "traditional" anymore?) to a digital DJ software solution.  

I created this "Introduction to Digital DJing" live webinar presentation over 2 years ago. The intent was to explain the very basics of Digital DJing to new DJ's moving over from hardware based rigs to systems centered around a laptop DJ computer solution, and newbie DJ's starting from scratch.

Djing is as popular as ever, and recent NAMM reports suggest as many kids today want to "wiki wiki (that's supposed to be a scratch sound)" as they want to be the next Zakk Wylde on the gitter. If you're just starting out, which likely entails a Digital DJ setup using software via a laptop computer, this video is a great start. I step you through Digital DJ terminology (DJ sound cards, DJ controllers, where to get DJ music, etc) and through some basic use of the DJ software itself.

Introduction to Digital DJing – DJ Software:

Bang it here for a free DJ software demo download of PCDJ DJ Software

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