Increase Your Wedding DJ Success By Exceeding Expectations (Video)

Wedding DJ Tips Exceeding Expectations

DJ Tips | John Young Of DiscJockeyNews.com shares a tip for something you should do with your wedding clients to help prepare them for you to exceed their expectations.

When DJing a Wedding (and other events likely apply, too) explaining to your client what to expect during introduction, wrap-up and pretty much everything in between will ensure the magical moments aren’t lost due to being overwhelmed or stressed out.

Telling the client what to expect when those doors open, that this is the first time the guests are going to see you walk into this large dining area, that they are all going to applaud and all eyes will be on you can help calm their nerves and make you, the DJ, their trusted guide for the events festivities.

John provides a few examples of how proactively prepare the clients expectations to fortify their trust in you so they can focus on embracing the moment, instead of worrying about what’s next. Doing so often leads to client expectations being exceeded, as you’ve set the tone and prepared them beforehand.

As DJs we want to be prepared for an event the night before, and being prepared greatly reduces stress on the job. You’re nimble on your feet and able to roll with the punches so you can focus on keeping the energy on the dance floor. Preparing your client for their event offers them the same peace of mind, and an event that exceeds their expectations translates to a loyal customer more referrals.

Watch Increase Your Wedding DJ Success By Exceeding Expectations | John Young Of DiscJockeyNews

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  1. Tobias Armstrong
    Tobias Armstrong says:

    I really like how you talked about making sure you’ve planned well. I would think that being prepared would take the stress out of a lot of things, not just being a DJ. When you can shift your focus to the things that you need to do and instead focus on the things that you can do to make other people have a good time, I’d imagine that your reviews are going to go up. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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