Important Karaoke.net Announcement

Party Tyme and Karaoke.net

KSF Europe, the longtime proprietor of the Karaoke.net website (the à la carte karaoke store that’s also built into DEX 3 and LYRX), issued the following statement yesterday:

KSF Europe has announced its intention to sell the domain name ‘karaoke.net’ and agreed to transfer the website to Sybersound, which will continue the business under the PartyTyme.net domain name.

Aside from cosmetics, there will be no noticeable changes in the service for you, the user, whatsoever. You will still be able to access the site using Karaoke.net as it will automatically forward you to the new domain. All user accounts (your login credentials), history etc. will remain unchanged. We thank you for your continued patronage and support. Happy Singing!

So while the website is changing hands, from KSF Europe to Sybersound, the quality of the karaoke content, your login and history will not be altered in any way. All karaoke content available on Karaoke.net has been Party Tyme and that will continue to be the case, with minor cosmetic changes.

This also means DEX 3 and LYRX customers that log in and use Karaoke.net (soon to be PartyTyme.net) through the karaoke software browser will be unaffected by the changes. You’ll be able to login and purchase karaoke songs on-the-fly at your gigs, just like you’ve always done. Hooray for that!

Note: Party Tyme (Sybersound) has not yet announced when the changeover will take place but we plan to post an update here on the PCDJ blog at that time.

How Karaoke.net (Soon to be PartyTyme.net) Works in DEX 3

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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Yes, and we will have an update of DEX 3/LYRX soon to support the store now that the domain has changed (which broke our in-app integration)

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