How-To Use Key Detection For All Your Audio, Video and Karaoke Files In DEX 3.5 (Video)

Using Key Detection In PCDJ DEX 3

The freshly updated DEX 3.5.5 DJ software includes automatic key detection for harmonic mixing.

Harmonic mixing, or key mixing allows you to blend audio or music video files harmonically, without key clashing.  This allows DJs to easily create on-the-fly mashups with tracks of similar key that sound perfectly pitched.

Many big name DJs have been mixing in key for years – now DEX 3 users have the ability to analyze their entire track library for key and locate tracks of similar or same key to create better sounding mixes.  Key stepping is also available in each deck using the key step buttons (you can adjust the size of the key step in semitones in options under the general tab), which is also handy for those hosting karaoke shows with DEX 3.5.

DEX 3 will calculate and display two keys for every track using a modified Camelot scale (pre /) and musical key (post /).  DJs can also easily search for tracks of the same key by typing in “K” before the key you’re searching for in the search box.

For DJs new to key mixing, we suggest using songs of the same key to get a feel for how mixing in key works.  Soon you’ll see the advantage and find new ways to deploy key mixing during your DJ sets.

Have questions about finding or using key in DEX 3 DJ mixing software? Please leave them in the comments section below!