How To Price Your Mobile DJ Service – By John Young

How To Price Your Mobile DJ Service – By Disc Jockey News' John Young

When trying to figure out pricing for your various mobile DJ packages, there are many expenses to consider.   DJing is obviously fun, and if you truly enjoy blending music and finding just the right playlist to keep the dance floor packed like I do once the job starts it's no longer "work".   However, anyone breaking into the mobile DJ business will quickly find out there's a lot involved in running the business side of your mobile DJ service.

Some Mobile DJ expenses you will need to account for are much less obvious than others.  In the two-part videos below John Young does an excellent job explaining how to price your mobile DJ services based on what you can expect to spend running your mobile DJ business.  

Part 1:  How To Price Your Mobile DJ Services – Expenses


Part 2: How To Price Your Mobile DJ Services – Pricing Your Service


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