How To Mix: Six Tips For Complete Beginner Digital DJs – by DigitalDJTips

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Digital DJ Tips is a great resource for beginner DJs (and seasoned pro’s alike), with many articles geared towards DJs brand-new to core DJ skills such as the basics of mixing music seamlessly.   Our DEX 3 mixing software already makes it easy with “Sync“, but simply lining up beats and avoiding the “tennis shoes in a dryer” affect is only part of the battle.   Programming, tempo changes, mixing in key etc — and there’s truly not one way to do things right; DJs that step outside of the box and pioneer new things usually lead the way, and gain industry-wide respect.   This blog re-post focuses on the basics of beat mixing for new DJs.

AUGUST 5, 2014 BY 

It’s the holy grail of DJing and it’s one of the most common questions beginner DJs come to us with: “How can I mix correctly?”, “How do I beatmix?” “How can I learn mixing like the pros?” Really, what these DJs areadj_10 asking about is not “mixing” but “beatmixing”. The truth is that beatmixing (having two tunes playing at the same speed so you can move smoothly from one to the other) is not the be all and end all of DJing (tune selection, reading the crowd, volume/EQ, timing and so on are hugely important too – and unlike beatmixing, these apply to all DJ sets). But when you’re sat there with one tune ending and another ready to start, wanting to know how to make that transition sound as smooth as possible is understandably likely to be high on your list – even more so when you’re a beginner and maybe don’t have a crowd in front of you to teach you that – actually – other stuff is just as important.

So while this post can’t teach you exactly how to beatmatch (that’d take a course, not an article), it can point you in the right direction so you’re at least not simply doing “random stuff” as that first tune ends to try and get the next one to sound great! Anyone coming to digital DJing from vinyl or CDs will already know a lot of this, but these are the things beginners ask us all the time – so if that’s you, consider this a crash course in the basics. CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE AT DIGITALDJTIPS.COM