How To Live Stream Your DJ Sets

Live Stream DJ sets

In lieu of clubs, bars, and restaurants being off limits to the public, DJs are turning to live streaming their DJ sets on the internet.

Streaming your DJ sets to fans, friends, and family is a great way to stay engaged and keep the creative juices flowing during these crazy Covid-19 times. It’s also not a difficult process thanks to readily available products and services at your disposal.

DJ Tech Tools has put together a great guide for streaming your DJ sets online. If you’re a DEX 3 DJ and want to stream your set to platforms like Facebook, Twitch.TV, YouTube, or Zoom – head over to DJ Tech Tools and get the instruction and tools you need.

If you want to share your set with the PCDJ community, feel free to post a link to your stream in the comments section below – or just contact us through our Facebook page and we’ll share your stream for all to partake.

Keep Calm, Stay at Home, and Keep Mixing. Be Safe, Friends!