DJ Tips | How To Book More Trivia Shows

Adding a Trivia Party package to your Mobile DJ services is a fun and interactive method to booking unique gigs and increasing your bottom line.

PCDJ offers the TM-120 package from Digigames, the perfect starter kit for any mobile entertainer looking to expand into Trivia (which now ships exclusively with upgraded “light up buzzers“).

We thought this article posted by the team at Digigames was too good not to share.  For those wondering how they can start adding trivia related gigs to their schedule it’s worth a read.

How to Book More Trivia Shows

  • Are you looking to expand your range of work?
  • Are you seeking to grow your more business and give your employees more trivia shows?
  • Are you simply looking to build a more solid base and foundation for your trivia business?

There could be a whole host of reasons as to why a particular trivia hosts wants to book more shows at any one point and getting more shows is as much of a long term game plan as a short term one. Whether you are simply needing extra income or wanting to build a trivia empire, here are a few simple steps to ensuring you get more business and advice on how to book more trivia shows.

It goes without saying that above all else for this to work you need a quality product. If you are looking to get re-hired, build new business and get a good word of mouth spread about yourself then the actual product you are delivering and the quality of the trivia you deliver needs to be high.

There are a few areas we will consider here –

  • Have a dedicated web page featuring each service you provide.
  • Getting past clients to rebook you and hire you again.
  • Getting new business.
  • Building you word of mouth by getting referrals and recommendations.
  • Building your social media presence.


Book More Trivia Shows – Website Advising

Here is an interesting statistic:  Only 1 out of every 300 DigiGames customers has a dedicated web page on their site that A) Highlights their trivia services and B) Has pictures to showcase their system, past performances, etc.   This is a staggering low number, right?  Granted, some folks purchase wireless buzzers to satisfy only a specific account, and therefore web advertising isn’t required, but such a scenario is not common.  Having that dedicated web page with pictures of YOU having fun with game players who are smiling, laughing….whatever….it’s KEY to your success. Be sure that this page is directly linkable from your home page…..In other words, don’t make people have to click through a maze of options and other pages to finally see your trivia page.

Your web page checklist:

  • Do you have a web page that discusses your game show system?
  • Do you have pictures on your page from past performances?
  • Are your pictures high quality?
  • Do your pictures show your game system clearly?
  • Do your pictures depict players having fun playing the game?
  • Does your page have a “Call to Action” with phrases like “Call us today to find out how we can make your next event a success!” or something similar…..



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