How Does Your Wedding DJ Package Pricing Stack Up Against the National Average?

Average cost of a Wedding DJ 2019

The Knot just published the National Average Cost of a Wedding in 2018, including the average cost of Wedding DJ Services.

The National Average Cost of a Wedding Is $33,931 in America – which was determined after The Knot surveyed 14,000 couples married in 2018, across many states, to uncover the latest trends and overall wedding spend. The $33,931 excludes honeymoon expenses, but certainly covers the expenditure we concern ourselves with most around here, the DJ.

So what was the average cost of a Wedding DJ in 2018, according to The Knot?

  • Reception DJ: $1,292

Markets in the US vary greatly. A DJ won’t fetch as much in certain rural areas vs metropolitan areas, for example, but it’s always good to know what the overall average is to help you determine if you’re valuing your DJ business and services appropriately.

While the $1,292 number is certainly respectable and presents a great starting point, depending on what up-sell or unique DJ packages you offer, it would be quite easy to increase that number. Do you offer music video mixing?  Possibly even, ‘gasp’, a karaoke package for the reception?

No matter how you position your DJ services and price your packages in 2019, you should have the ‘mendoza line‘ in mind.

How does your average wedding DJ package stack up against the National Average? Feel free to share your comments below!