How are Wedding DJs and Club DJs Different?

Wedding DJ vs Club DJ

Wedding DJs and club DJs have exceedingly similar, yet very different jobs.

While both require the technical skills of a professional DJ, the details of each job description vary greatly. In some ways, at least in recent years, the lines between the two have blurred a bit. Specifically, mobile (aka Wedding) DJs often apply mixing techniques that were previously only expected of club DJs. DJ Software like our flagship DEX 3 certainly helps with a myriad of features designed to assist with beat mixing, applying effects, and automation. Regardless, our friends at BPM Supreme have not only defined the two professions but also provided tips on perfecting each.

If you’re a club DJ and booked a wedding, or a wedding DJ looking to break into the nightclub scene, be sure to read this article first to see how you should prepare.

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