High Definition Karaoke Video Download Pack Now Available

We live in an high def world.  But karaoke music has lagged behind, until now. 

Music video services for DJs have been delivering HD quality MP4 music videos for years, but the standard in the karaoke space has always (and still is in large) been MP3+G or Zipped MP3+G files.

With MP3+G you have two files, an MP3 for audio and a CDG file that “sync’s” and displays lyrics in karaoke software like PCDJ Karaoki.  You are usually relegated to blue or black backgrounds behind pixilated lyrics – which tend to look worse once blown up on a large screen or projection.  It’s the standard, so KJs and Singers have come to expect this format quality globally.

Enter the new HD Karaoke Download Pack from our partners at Karaoke Cloud Pro

Our partners at Karaoke Cloud Pro have raised the bar with a 3542 song high-definition karaoke download pack featuring full-motion backgrounds. Offer true HD sound and video and blow away your audience and the KJ competition when you showcase 3542 terrific songs with video backgrounds that are a long way from ordinary.

Each song in the pack features full HD Audio and Video, with visually striking motion backgrounds designed to match the content, perfectly coordinated with the recordings you’ve come to expect from (Digitrax Entertainment) Karaoke Cloud Pro.

Introductory Offer:  Purchase and download the entire 3542 song pack of HD karaoke videos for only $2500.   That’s less than .71 cents a track, for high-def!.   MP3+G files routinely sell for 3 times that amount!

The HD Karaoke tracks work great in both PCDJ Karaoki and PCDJ DEX 3.

Time to step up your KJ game and set yourself apart from the competition when you host karaoke in stunning High-Def

(Direct Financing Also Available)

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