DEX 3 Pro Tip | Inspiration for Creating Halloween Themed Overlays with Shaders

We have previously demonstrated how overlays can be used in combination with Shaders in DEX 3 for on-screen branding. In the short video clip above we demonstrate how Shaders can be combined with Text and Image Overlays in DEX 3 for Halloween-themed events.

Get creative and build an overlay using an image (or text) and a Halloween video loop (58 Free Halloween video loops) — just be sure to apply some opacity so you can see the Shader running behind the overlay. Then, apply a Shader for beat-aware visualizations that will display behind the overlay.

Here are the steps we used to create the demonstration above:

  • First, we added a video loop overlay (the creepy baby dolls) and sized it to be full screen. We adjusted opacity of the video loop down to about 85%.
  • Secondly, we added a PNG image of the text (Murder on the Dancefloor text) with preserved transparency above the video loop overlay. No opacity was applied.
  • Finally, we selected a beat-aware Shader from the Shader drop down menu (top right section of the DEX 3 GUI) that automatically displays behind the text and image overlay. In the video I toggle between three different Shaders to better demonstrate what you can create.

Using the combination of Shaders and Overlays allows you to create wicked cool Halloween Themed displays your audience and employer will surely enjoy. You’ll bring a new visual element to your shows this spooky season — and you may end up with a few treats at the end of the night!

Have questions about using Shaders in our DEX 3 DJ software, or how to overlays?  Please leave them in the comments section below!