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Halloween-Themed ‘Shaders’ to Use With DEX 3 or LYRX

Shaders for Halloween and DEX 3 or LYRX

Your Halloween Parties and Events are in full swing and your task is to bring the atmosphere — using Halloween-themed ‘Shaders‘ to generate spooktatcular visualizations is one way to help set the mood.

Halloween Shaders

Shaders are real-time visualizations that are ‘drawn’ by your graphics card, and having a decent graphics card or a dedicated (discrete) graphics card is recommended. Shaders are supported in both DEX 3, our flagship DJ mixing software, and LYRX, our newest karaoke software solution. Shaders can be downloaded for free from ShaderToy.com (here’s how) and come in all varieties. They allow DEX 3 and LYRX users to showcase on-screen visuals while mixing music, or the in case of LYRX, while filler music is being played.

A quick search at Shadertoy.com yields quite a few Halloween-Themed Shaders that should add a new level of ambiance to this years Halloween parties. One important note: Some Shaders will be marked as ‘private’ by the creator, thus you can’t add them to DEX 3/LYRX. Others may be created in a way they aren’t supported, and will display a generic ‘red’ effect on screen instead.

Click a button below to review search results as described on each button. The video below will explain how to add Shaders to DEX 3 or LYRX so you can ensure your Halloween events are scary good!


Have questions about how to add Shaders to our DJ Mixing Software for Karaoke Software products? Leave them in the comments section below!