Getting your DJ Services on the “Preferred Vendor” List

How to get on Preferred Vendors List

If you’re a mobile DJ and plan to run a successful business one of your main goals should be trying to get yourself and your company on the “Preferred Vendor List” at all quality venues in your area.

Often referred to as the “Holy Grail for wedding professionals”, having yourself and your DJ Business on the preferred vendors list means you get the referral when a client books the venue, at least much of the time. That means less marketing and advertising dollars out of your pocket and regular referrals from local venues.

But how do you get on the “Preferred Vendor List”?

For one, you need to impress with your DJ acumen when the opportunity presents itself — but you need to create the opportunity to impress. Our friends at BPM Supreme and DJ Joe Bunn of Bunn DJ Company offer a few fantastic Tips for Getting on the Preferred Vendor List that you should review right now. Becoming a Preferred Vendor at venues in your territory very well could be the reason your DJ business is a success and excels, or flops.

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