DJ Tips | Getting DJ Gigs At Bars And Smaller Clubs (Video)

Getting Bar And Club Gigs for DJs

This time of year for Mobile DJs and Wedding DJs bookings are comparatively dismal.  However, the lull can present an opportunity to diversify.

In the video titled “Getting Into Bars and Clubs Pointers” below, John Young of Disc Jockey News provides tips to help Mobile Jocks land gigs with bars and smaller clubs during the slower seasons.

An overview of the advice he provides other Mobile DJs:


  • Offer Venue Packages

    Packages with various discounts can present the venue an opportunity they can’t refuse. IE: Multi-night discount.

  • Vary Your Offerings

    Variety: Maybe they would like to add a karaoke night, music video mixing or trivia?

  • Offer a "Free Social Hour Spin" (what??)

    Cringe-worthy?  No, John’s not saying give away your Saturday night, but offering background music on “Taco Tuesday” provides return on investment. It’s a great time to build your fans and followers.  It’s also a great time to do prizes and giveaways, including venue swag.

  • Weekly Radio Show

    Broadcast your mix from the show and get the patrons engaged.  Create a nice theme that people want to be part of.  Try trivia on the radio with people in the venue – you’d be surprised how many want to be part of the party.


Watch  “Getting Into Bars and Clubs Pointers