Get Free DJ Software With iDance Headphones

When you purchase one of the available iDance headphone kits you’ll receive free DJ software, a copy of PCDJ DEX 2 LE.

About iDance

iDance is an upcoming ‘prosumer‘ audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion, DJ and action sports lifestyles. iDance distinctive logo symbolize youth, rebellion love and passion. The company’s motto “it is your life, it is your style.”

Now iDance puts more value in your headphone pack by adding a free copy PCDJ DEX 2 LE, DJ mixing software that let you mix your music, from your computer or your iTunes playlists.

The free DJ software is included with many headphone models from iDance:  Ibiza Series, SDJ Series, SeDJ Series, Hipster Series and more.  Check iDance Audio’s website here for all available models, and where you can pick a set today!

About The included PCDJ DEX 2 LE (from iDance)

iDance offers PCDJ DEX 2 LE for heating up the dance floor. Thanks to PCDJ’s leading professional DJ software solution that’s simple enough for the novice, yet feature rich enough to meet the high demands of any seasoned DJ.

Whether you’re mixing audio, video, or even karaoke files DEX 2 LE gives you full control over your media allowing you to do more with your mix than ever before. With DEX 2 LE’s ultra-accurate automatic beat-mixing, your songs will always stay in sync, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your mix.  Since DEX 2 LE offers no latency playback; loops, hot cues, and all playback controls are ultra responsive. So load up DEX 2 LE, import you tunes, and cue up your imagination -accept no compromises!



PCDJ DEX 2 LE (Windows & MAC lite edition)

  • 2 DJ decks with professional grade virtual-mixer and playlists
  • Plays mp3, m4a, wav, aiff , ogg , cda , , wmv , flac and more
  • Audio-CD direct play support
  • Supports Karaoke CDG (MP3+G & Zipped MP3+G)
  • BPM Sync (one-click beat-matching) or Manual Mixing
  • Automatic grid-based BPM detection
  • Vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play, and brake
  • Seamless intelligent looping and beat-skip
  • Support for professional VST effects
  • Advanced auto-mixing including Mix-In/Mix-Out (Cue In/Out) points
  • Perceptual automatic gain (volume control)
  • Sample player – load up audio clips and trigger them
  • Key-Lock (Master Tempo)
  • Robust library with format filters, fast-search as you type
  • Browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer, database, and iTunes library import support
  • Load the whole song in RAM for instant access
  • ASIO/Core Audio low-latency support