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From PCDJ VJ to PCDJ DEX 2: User Testimonial

Laurine Laxer has been a Mobile DJ and Karaoke Host in Key West Florida for the last 10+ Years

Several years and about 6 laptops ago, I was convinced to quit buying hardware based DJ mixing decks that had to be replaced constantly and to go with a DJ Software program. My business partner (at the time, a lot more pc savvy than I) researched and bought the PCDJ VJ program. I had no concept of what I was getting into, nor how to convert what I had into a format that could be read by my virtual DJ mixing software.

Ryan Sherr became my savior. He showed me how to convert my karaoke CD+G’s so they could be read by the computer and was always there to answer my stupid questions about the program, even years after I bought it.

With fabulous customer service and its ease of use, I just loved PCDJ, whether I was KJ-ing a karaoke show, DJ-ing a wedding or a party or playing karaoke tracks and creating a show with a singer. So, you can imagine how dismayed I was when I got a new fancy laptop and found that the older PCDJ VJ platform was not compatible with video card under Windows 8.

So once again, I called Ryan and he steered me toward the new PCDJ DEX 2 program and the trial download. I panicked. It just seemed way too complicated for the simple Mobile DJing that I do. Give me a big mixing soundboard anytime, but don’t make me master new technology on the computer!!!

If I hadn’t had a lot of gigs coming up fast, I’d have waited to upgrade to DEX 2 – that’s how scared I was – but Ryan and team assured me that I could call him anytime and directed me to the YouTube tuturorial videos he had made regarding use of the program. So I took the plunge and purchased the upgrade at a discount. And, I’m sure, bugged Ryan a lot. Between Ryan’s guidance in things like batch converting my wav files, the user friendly nature of DEX 2 and the excellent tutorials you can access through the web site,  pretty quickly, I was up and running.

PCDJ DEX 2 is superior to the old PCDJ program in every way and an absolute pleasure on the job. The best way that I can describe it is that everything works seamlessly and fluidly, no matter your DJ or Karaoke gigs require (I’m only now looking at incorporating videos into my sets).   You can plan ahead and have things ready on a click, or improvise with your audience using the much improved search. I’m looking forward to watching more tutorials and developing my own dj skills on PCDJ DEX 2. Great DJ software Product, Great Company, Great People!

DJ/KJ Laurine Laxer 
Key West, FL