Freestyle DJ with DJ Cyn | Mobile Music with Jason Jones on #DJNTV

Another great interview video from the guys at Disc Jockey News and their Mobile Music segment with Jason Jones.

Forget the set list!  DJ Cyn of DJ Cyn Productions (Denver Colorado) tours some and mostly DJs clubs and bars.  She considers herself a“Freestyle DJ”, and almost exclusively selects music based on the vibe, age and venue.

She doesn’t walk into a venue with a fully prepared DJ set-list of tracks, but rather selects tunes as the event unfolds.   I can personally relate, as every gig and “feel” for the audience is unique and your music selection should be, too.  A set-list can be a great guide, but never the rule.   Rather than programming a straight set, consider throwing together a short list of “must play” tunes and let the dance floor guide your selections and when to drop what tune into the mix at the right time.

DJ Cyn shares some other great information with Jason Jones as well, check it out!

The Mobile Music segment from DiscJockeyNews.com features mobile DJs from around the country who are DJing weddings, schools and bars to find out how and what they play and when they play it.