Download Free VJ Clips For The ‘Video Link’ Feature In DEX 3

Download Free VJ clips and loops

DEX 3 is equipped with a ‘video link’ feature that enables the automatic playback of video files when playing just audio tracks – but where can you find free VJ clips to use with the new feature?

Free VJ clips and loops

The video link feature can be enabled under the new video settings tab in DEX 3’s options. Simply select a directory of video files (clips, other music videos etc) and choose to randomize them, so that when playing audio only tracks a video file will be automatically selected to play on screen. This ensures that when your in a video mix set you can transition to audio tracks without the display screen going black.

I scoured the web (maybe not ‘scoured’ as they weren’t exactly buried in the recesses of the interweb) to seek out suitable free VJ clips to use with DEX 3 and the video link feature. I came across many resources, and picked a five of the best websites I came across that allow you to download free VJ clips.

Links To Free VJ Clips To Use In DEX 3 (Click Title To Visit Website)

How ‘Video Link’ Works In DEX 3

Know of any other place to get Free VJ Clips to use with DEX 3? Please submit in the comments section below!