Free Mobile Request App For Karaoki | 1.1.0 Update Now Available

KaraoQuest Mobile Request App Update 1.1.0

KaraoQuest 1.1.0 mobile singer/song request app is now available on the app store. 

KaraoQuest is a free (with ads) no-frills iPhone/iPad mobile app that allows karaoke singers to view, search and request songs to sing via local area network (no internet required).  Song requests are then viewed and accepted through the remote connections module in Karaoki and sent to the singer rotation list with a single click.

Since KaraoQuest works via network connection, internet isn’t required or utilized — which is a huge benefit for KJs in remote areas that lack reliable internet access.

App developer and karaoke aficionado Martin Picard created KaraoQuest after reviewing our old, outdated ‘Remote Request Terminal’ application made available for our Karaoki karaoke software years ago. The remote request terminal didn’t play nicely with Windows 10 so he hammered keys and developed what is now KaraoQuest.

The now-available 1.1.0 update to KaraoQuest includes various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as GUI tweaks and a couple new features.

Here’s what’s new, changed and updated in KaraoQuest 1.1.0

  • Songbooks, venues and singers data saved locally
  • Reloading the songs on application startup is now optional
  • Configurable retention period (default 1 day)
  •  Support for custom TCP port (other than 6000)
  • Simpler main interface
  • Enhanced status messages and error handling
  •  Various bug fixes and performance improvements


How The KaraoQuest iOS App Works

For KJs (easy setup instructions):

  • Open PCDJ Karaoki
  • In ‘Remote Connections’, make sure
    – ‘Remote Enabled’ button is activated
    – ‘Remote case’ to be shared is selected

For Singers:

Basic Mode – Step 1
Enter the IP address of the Karaoke host (provided by host to singer)
KaraoQuest singer requests step 1

Step 2 – Search Song
Browse or search through the song list and select a song for request.

Browsing And Searching Song KaraoQuest

Step 3 – Request Song
Enter your name and press confirm request to send the request to the PCDJ Karaoki host.

Requesting Songs From KaraoQuest App



6 replies
    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Steven,

      KaraoQuest is developed by a user and third-party – I believe he has suggested Android support may be available later, but no timetable.

  1. Forbes Mercy
    Forbes Mercy says:

    Please make sure to send email when available in Android, great to have a karaoke fan who writes APP’s so no diss but just need both platforms so I can offer to everyone!

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This is HUGE!! Nice little app! I’ve been testing the app out using my iphone. There’s a couple querks with it though.

    One is that the phone app always says, “Request accepted, song added” when a request is sent to the KJ. However, I purposely have “auto accept” NOT clicked in the Karaoki app. And I have not “accepted” the song request. Ideas??

    Who do we contact with tech questions like this and tech input for the next version?


    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Mike, glad to you like!

      A customer is responsible for creating the application, and you can provide feedback and communicate issues to him directly HERE on the PCDJ user forum.

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