5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs | From DiscJockeyNews (Video)

5 Tips from Older DJs for Younger DJs

“Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn”

In the ‘The Rewind Report with Michael Joseph‘ video below from DiscJockeyNews.com Michael provides ‘5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs‘, and it’s well worth a gander for young or new jocks looking for advice from seasoned professional DJs. 

While it’s always great to carve our your own niche as a DJ, with a large helping of ‘you’ and what makes your style unique – there is no replacement for in-the-field experience.  Any DJ can purchase a quality DJ controller and DJ mixing software and blend tracks seamlessly using today’s advanced Digital DJ technology, but there’s much more to being a pro with a sustained future in the field.

Here are 5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs

  1. Learn to tell a story with your DJ set (Take people on a journey!).
  2. Music theory and/or basic musicianship will make you a better DJ (Knowing how songs are structured will help you mix any song, any time).
  3. You are NOT a better DJ when you’re on drugs or alcohol (they are not a magic elixir to make a good DJ, a better DJ)
  4. Don’t DJ just for Money (DJing should be something you would want to do even if you’re not getting paid for it!).
  5. Never be scared of failure (Failure is not an end. Failure in-fact defines the character of who you are – which leads you back to 1.).

Let Michael Joseph Of The Rewind Explain In Detail Below