Female Mobile DJ’s, Why Aren’t There More?

Why are there not more female Mobile DJs?

It’s becoming commonplace to find female DJs in the booth at a club; even Paris Hilton’s got a steady high-paying gig – although I’m not so sure that has too much to do with professional DJ talent, but if she’s having fun and people are clearly paying admission to see her, who are we to judge?  

Although to the contrary, as noted in the New York Post (Dec 23rd 2013) “More often than not, when music lovers hit the dance floor at popular night clubs, the person behind the booth is male. This is all the more evident by scanning DJ Magazine’s annual list of Top 100 DJs: Scroll down the registry, and there is noticeably something absent — women. (Well, there was one: Hong Kong-based DJ Tenashar, who clocked in at No. 87.)”

Sure, the top 100 DJ charts are predominantly male.  But here’s just a few female DJs with immense DJ talent:

  • Miss Kittin
  • Nervo
  • Ellen Allien
  • Krewella
  • Annie Mac
  • B Traits
  • Nicole Moudaber
  • Nina Kraviz
  • Maya Jane Coles
  • Tini
  • Magda
  • Steffi
  • J.Phlip
  • Ida Engberg
  • Anja Schneider
  • Jennifer Cardini
  • Heidi
  • Gina Turner
  • Anna Lunoe
  • Jubilee
  • Storm
  • Star Eyes
  • Cassy
  • DJ Irene
  • Venus X
  • Uniique
  • Brazzabelle
  • Cooly G
  • Ikonika
  • Eclair Fifi
  • Fatima al Qadiri
  • Gun$ Garcia
  • Reid Speed
  • Jen Lasher
  • Nina Las Vegas
  • Posso
  • Zora Jones
  • Colette
  • Lisa Lashes
  • Nightwave
  • Flava D
  • Alice Moxie
  • Baby Anne
  • Sydney Blu
  • Monika Kruse
  • Mary Anne Hobbs
  • DJ Heather
  • Audrey Napoleon
  • Sick Girls
  • Electric Indigo
  • Lauren Flax
  • Anna Love
  • Beyonda
  • Jessie Andrews
  • Rebecca & Fiona
  • Katie Wicks
  • Connie
  • Empress
  • Tama Sumo
  • K La Rock
  • Blondtron
  • CJ Milli
  • DJ Ushka
  • DJ Ripley
  • Isa GT
  • DJ Rekha
  • Jasmine Solano
  • Jana Rush
  • DJ Riobamba
  • Tokimonsta
  • DJ Volvox
  • Jlin
  • Lenore
  • Blond:ish
  • Piu Piu
  • Eli & Fur
  • Sandra Collins
  • Mursi Layne
  • Bad Ezzy
  • Roxy Cottontail
  • DJ Rap

The list can go on…

So while I understand recognition isn’t reflected in the “top 100 DJs list”, these female DJs are well respected and know their craft.   In fact, there are more than a few female DJs on this list that could teach a few of those “top DJs” headlining the list a thing (or 5).

I feel Female DJ’s have made their mark in the club world, so why aren’t there more female Mobile DJ’s?  

When you attend a DJ industry trade show, such as Mobile Beat or the DJ Expo, you’ll run into a handful of female mobile jocks, but the ratio to male DJs in attendance is staggering.

One theory: heavy equipment.  It’s no secret hauling gear in and out of venues, some of them being logistics nightmares, can be back-breaking work.  However, with Digital DJ gear today, a small case with a DJ controller, laptop with DJ software and powered speakers – a small trolley is almost all you need (if you’re taking lighting and a truss that certainly bulks up the workload).

Let’s be real.  Females have social ability that usually exceeds males.  Many have the natural gift of gab.  And maybe it’s just me, but females certainly show off their rhythm on the dance floor more so than my mates.   So again I ask, why are there not more female mobile DJs?   Do brides naturally lean towards males when they book their wedding DJ?   Is it that the gear manufacturers and DJ industry as a whole aren’t catering or marketing to female mobile DJs?   If not, why not?   

PCDJ has a sizeable female DJ user base.   As displayed in this posts accompanying picture, Cynthia Jesseen of Tulsa Oklahoma has been using PCDJ RED Mobile 2 for the last 2 years, with steady weekly gigs.   She’s also a KJ, and uses our PCDJ Karaoki software with the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription.  To her, this is what she loves – and if you love it, it’s never truly “work”…right? 

I would love to hear from any female DJs that care to share with us.   What do you feel the challenges are for female jocks in the mobile DJ business?    What can we, as DJ and Karaoke Software designers, better do to help support and promote female DJs in their efforts to expand their reach and target market?