Featured Karaoki “Solo Artist” User | The Songgoddess

Each month we plan to highlight one DJ Program user and one Karaoke Program user, and their business.

Meet Jamie Brayden of Phoenix, AZ — a PCDJ Karaoki software SOLO ARTIST.

Jamie Brayden, also known as “The Songgoddess”, has been singing on stage since she was 3 years old. Back in the late 80’s-early 90’s when karaoke was just starting to catch on she was one of the few Karaoke Hosts in the Los Angeles area.

“Back then we started off using Cassette Tapes with lyrics printed out on paper. Then the HUGE Pioneer Discs came out. Things sure have changed a lot in 25 years!”

When she wasn’t hosting she would perform her one woman show in Los Angeles Cabarets. She now performs in the Phoenix area. With a list of over 5,000 songs she entertains her audience with everything from Patsy Cline to Lady GaGa! She even has some of her “Friends“, “Tom Joneser”, “Polly Darton” or “Tammy WhyNot” stop by to entertain from time to time. One thing for sure, once people hear Jamie sing, they never forget her voice.



PCDJ: Thanks for taking some time to speak with us today! Why did you decide on Karaoki as your karaoke show hosting software of choice?

Jamie: It was time to come out of the “Dark Ages” and leave the pre-recorded CD’s of my personal tracks behind. Dragging around a suitcase full of CD’s was getting to be annoying.

I searched and searched for a karaoke-like program that I could use as a Solo Artist. I asked my KJ friends what program they use, but nothing was exactly right for me. They were difficult to understand and just not made for one singer.

Luckily I came across PCDJ Karaoki!

It seems that it’s not widely known that Karaoki includes a SOLO ARTIST rotation option in the program, but it was everything I needed and super easy-to-use. It’s a breeze to add songs to my lists (cases) and it even saves previous shows so I know what I did last time and I don’t repeat songs too often. I also like the Print Case option. I can look at each Case and and check off the songs I want to put into my next show. I then make a separate Case for the show. That way I can print out a list of what songs are in it and add or delete songs at a glance.

Karaoki is a very “User Friendly” software. Simple enough to figure out but not so simple, as it has plenty of the options. Even though my library has over 5,000 songs in it (all in my key), now and then I get a request for one I don’t have. I can easily go online and get the song they want, change the key if necessary and make that person happy.


PCDJ: What tip would you give to other SOLO ARTIST users?

Jamie: First, tell all your fellow solo artists and KJ friends about this amazing karaoke program. They’ll thank you forever! Second, buy a foot pedal to start your songs so you’re not always turning back to the computer before each one. It makes for a more “seamless” show. Third, give yourself a pat on the back for finding Karaoki (and their quick to respond Customer Service)!