Fanburst | A new website to upload your DJ mixes to

Upload DJ mixes to Fanburst

Fanburst (beta) has just burst onto the scene and provides a platform for DJs, producers, and artists to upload their mixes to (ala SoundCloud).

Unlike SoundCloud, there are no monthly fees and DJs receive UNLIMITED uploads. As of now the platform is also free of annoying ads, making for a better listening experience. No telling if that will remain the case as the platform grows in popularity among DJs, as it surely will with the aforementioned benefits and it’s sleek and easy to navigate interface.

A few big name artist have already taken notice and already have music on Fanburst, further solidifying the websites industry recognition as a new (and improved?) SoundCloud competitor.

If you create and record your mixes with DEX 3 and want to share them with the masses, allowing for feedback that can help you further hone your mixing skills, give Fanburst a look. If you’re a new DJ it’s paramount to throw your name in the ring and get your music and mixing skills in front of an audience. Fanburst is another outlet for doing just that. Mixing music and video with DEX 3 will only get you half way there! 😉

Word is the Fanburst developers will provide higher resolution streaming options in the near future that should provide a better listening experience than SoundCloud does for you and your fans

The Fanburst website is still considered beta and is free to use. Visit the Fanburst website for further deails!


Want to get the mixes you create with DEX 3 out to the masses?  Try Fanburst and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!